1. Umm... you didn't give me full credit?

Are you a copyright holder of something I've used in an idea and haven't been fully credited? Let me know by placing 'Not fully credited!!' in the subject line and I will amend it for you right away.

2. I already run a similar project, can we partner?

Similar project hey? That's awesome! Let me know the details and place 'Partner Request' in the subject line. Oh, also provide a URL to your project please. No 'it's currently in development' stuff.

3. I think I can help. How do I apply?

Please contact me using the form on the right and let me know how you can help me out. Place 'Help Request' in the subject and I'll get back to you ASAP.

4. When is blank idea ready?!?

You don't need to contact me on these occations as I will ignore them. The answer is only, when its ready!

5. Hi. I'm a spam/advertisment/marketing company - Can I contact you?


6. Can I send you lots of adorable love requests?


Contact form not available at the moment. Best to contact me via twitter @tinybigideas - Thank you!
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