A required Chrome Extension.

Simply adds the IP of the website you are viewing to the bottom right.

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Version: 1.5.2
Launched: 29/08/11
Updated: 27/02/13

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This extension simply adds the IP of the current website you are viewing to the bottom right.

I created this extension to solve a problem no other IP extension attempted. To quickly show the current websites IP at all times.

I use that information daily as a web developer and it has solved my problem. No longer do I have to click through an extension to see the IP, it's just there - bottom right.


  • Simple solution to always show the current websites IP address instead of clicking through an extension
  • Moves left or right on mouse over, it won't get in your way
  • IPv6 support
  • No external server to return IP - your chrome does all the work locally
  • Clean, attractive and does the job.


No-one sees the IP but you. There is no reliance on an external server to return the IP. Chrome returns the IP address itself on the users side. This takes into consideration local DNS and Host changes.


Currently I'm planning a few features: 'Copy IP to clickboard' - This will be available from the popup options in the next version and the ability to disable on certain websites.

Note: This is now available on github for you if you'd like to tinker.

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